How we do

our execution strategies

We have in our panel Architect, Engineers and a force of technician and are capable of providing the Interior Service to a growing number of branches & offices besides others Services like renovation, Expansion and setup.

In our company you can choose as one service, and complex services, including the development of a design project, the interior fit out, turnkey project,

Work Stages

Stage I . Inspection of the object.

To begin our representative to arrive on your property, take measurements, evaluate, well able to analyze the possibilities and potential of the premises. Already at this stage, due to the information received, it will be possible to propose the best way to do the project.

Stage II . Development of the sketch.

This stage for you will be the most exciting and interesting. It was here; in the discussions will be born future interior. Our designers will create unique designs according to your preferences, and you choose the one you like. In addition , at your request will be placed in a special program 3 -D version of the future premises – You can even walk around the virtual future rooms and immediately determine whether a distinct look and finish you have chosen what is better to do the ceiling – matt or glossy .

Stage III. Drawing up a design project.

Now that the sketch is selected, and all questions about the future finishing solved in a detailed design project. It is a folder with different technical drawings: ventilation system, wiring, indicating features of roughing and finishing works, redevelopment scheme etc.. It is for these drawings is strictly up to the last centimeter of our craftsmen and will perform complex and high-quality fit-out that will successfully avoid any inaccuracies or alterations. All eventually turn out the way in the sketch – we guarantee it.

Stage IV. Quotation agreement.

Already on the very design project we will be compiled detailed estimate. This document will be given all kinds of planned activities, their cost and the cost of finishing material. In the end, you’ll know exactly what you pay for and exactly how much it is worth. After estimate – is a guarantee your peace of mind throughout the project.

Stage V. Disassembly and assembly work.

At this stage, if it was planned demolitions of the old walls and build new partitions. All demolition work we produce accurate and rapid removal of dusty debris.

Stage VI. Rough construction works.

Depending on the condition of the premises to repair, and will depend on the volume and value of all construction work. But in any case, first run rough construction works, representing a concrete screed floor and alignment is all wall and ceiling surfaces. If it was planned, at this stage is arranged underfloor heating system. Also during the work on the draft entirely replaced wiring and other engineering systems. Particular attention is paid wiring low voltage cables – Internet, cable TV or phone.

Phase VII. Finishing works.

Once the start works is finished, you can start finishing works. Here all you need to do so as carefully and correctly, as in the previous stage. At this stage, the different types of floor installation. After leveling walls by plaster and polished to perfection it’s ready for painting or wall paper application. By gypsum board manufactured various decorative pieces: arches, niches in the walls for the TV, fireplace with plaster moldings etc.. In all of these items at your request can be incorporated spotlights. This step also established ceiling – single-level or multi-level, with different configuration. It may be a ceiling made of gypsum board or other materials. On this stage performed installation of windows, doors, new sockets and switches.